Meet the Author

The Mustard Seed was written by Peter Szondy, a former documentary and commercial filmmaker. Peter is an internationally published poet who was educated at the University of Vienna and Loyola Marymount University. He lives in Ojai, CA.

A Novel Based on an Original Story by G.M. Mercier
The inspiration for The Mustard Seed is a screenplay written by G. M. Mercier. Mercier wrote the original story based on a dramatic and moving incident in his and his granddaughter’s lives.

Mercier’s mother was a prominent church administrator, so his life was steeped in spiritual activism from early childhood. He is a successful screenwriter and has helped fund more than 40 independent films. Mercier lives in Lake Elsinore, CA.

Peter Szondy, Author

The novel has a message that speaks to everyone, from the person who is interested in spiritual readings to the one who just simply loves books. It tells how miracles happen in different ways and how one can be an instrument of God’s will and love.

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